Our Work



Our client, an investor, owned a freehold property in central London and approached us after being underwhelmed by the performance and progress of the overall project by his current consultancy team.


Where a client has encountered an unsatisfactory experience, we treat this particularly sensitive nature of business with care and attention to avoid issues at a later stage. Before discussing our appointment, we made sure we fully understood the team structure, their respective appointment and the current stage in the process. As the project was facing planning issues, we sought advice from an experienced, specialist consultant within our network to give us an appraisal of the situation. It soon became apparent that the consultant team had not been carefully selected and that no method of evaluation had been put in place.

In addition, the original cost plan was clearly under-estimated and the level of specification and finishes proposed were not suitable for the target market.

Based on our planning, expert advice and project appraisal, we advised the client to change his consultancy team after planning to avoid confusion and delay in the process.


We offer impartial advice and always work towards the best outcome for the client. We think long-term and value client relationships, trust and integrity before profit. If we believe that it is not the right time for us to get involved, we would rather delay our appointment to benefit the project.

When we put together a consultancy team, we apply a rigours selection procedure, assessing the following criteria:

  • Their previous work and commitment to design quality
  • Range of skills and experience
  • Size and type of similar project undertaken
  • References from previous clients

We accept no commission from referrals so we can therefore recommend the best suited consultants for your project.