Our fresh, considered approach is a personal journey. We work closely with each client to ascertain aspirations and dreams. This enriches our methodology and inspires us to shape a personal design narrative that is truly reflective of the client, a vision that the individual can emotionally connect to. This is how we can guarantee a distinctive project of immense quality. 

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

Leonardo de Vinci




Trust, transparency and values underpin everything we do. They are the essence of our reputation, recognised by returning clients and professionals in the prime real estate sector. We operate a clear, fixed fee structure, which is not connected to the build cost, so we can guarantee our integrity without any conflict of interest. We take zero commission from recommendations, so we remain impartial and can advise each client upon the most appropriate expertise. These guiding principles are the foundation to how we form loyalty and long, personal relationships with clients. 

“It’s important for a client to emotionally connect with the design. The client is the centrepiece of this process.”

Nicolas Roux




We are committed to delivering end-to-end services that far exceeds interior design and project management. Whether you wish to invest in central London, renovate a family home in South of France or develop a newly acquired asset in Switzerland, we will guide you with best in class services. From the start, our objective is to maximise the potential and value of your property. Acting as the client representative, we work hard at every stage and oversee the complete project so that the client can focus on what is really important. With our network of partners and professionals, we can help clients with expertise outside of our scope, like finance, legal and property sourcing. 

"Everything you can imagine is real."

Pablo Picasso




From a luxury residence in central London to a boutique hotel in the South of France, we have over 15 years’ experience in delivering world-class real estate projects. We use our passion for craft and our dedication, leadership and acute attention to detail to deliver high-end projects. By handling both design and project management, we will develop your vision through every stage. It also means you deal with one person, keeping communications clear and precise throughout. We also have expertise in building and construction, so we can implement the right processes, from design to procurement and construction. This encourages a culture of excellence and our simple and streamlined approach ensures complete client peace of mind.